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Safety First – Having lots of fun on the Fun Mountain Gurgl
WIDI feat. Ski patrol Arne

“Hey WIDI! Look, this is how we behave correctly when riding the Funslope. Let’s go for a run and discuss the FIS rules step by step!”, says Arne to WIDI.

Together with Arne from ski Patrol, WIDI, the Ötztaler Mountain Aries, took a closer look at the Familypark and Funslope safety rules. Because only if these are followed, maximum fun can be guaranteed at our fun facilities.


Before the fun starts, Arne and WIDI first check the FIS-rules, which are displayed on large signs at the entrance to the fun facilities. – FIS rule number one.

The Fun Ride is about to start. Keep in mind, other enthusiastic people are out riding the Funslope too, which means there can be decent ski traffic. Therefore, FIS rule number two states: Maintain a safe distance! It is important to keep a certain distance from other Funslope enthusiasts to avoid crashes.

"WIDI, the FIS rule number three means: Only stop at visible spots, so that you can be well seen by other riders. If you then want to continue your Funslope journey, watch out for the coming ski traffic always", Arne explains.

WIDI races like a flash trough the Funslope and his faster than some other families. When overtaking leaving plenty of space is really important – FIS rule number four.

Arne and WIDI are approaching the speedbooster. To ensure that there is nothing preventing the fun on the obstacle, there is FIS rule number five: Watch your posture and don't edge your skis.

FIS rule number six: master the banked waves. WIDI succeeds brilliantly already. Arne's tip for the ultimate wave experience: "Ride upright when approaching the wave and bent your knees on the highest point.”

From a distance, Arne observes that WIDI rushes between the slow-sign fences. Of course, you don't do that: Watch out for markings and respect restricted zones!


Slopy the Funslope mascot is really happy about receiving a high-five! That means for you, don't forget to five him a high-five - FIS rule number eight.

After the Fun Ride, Arne and WIDI stop by the Familypark to try out their first freestyle tricks. Unfortunately, WIDI falls over the tube whilst sliding. Immediately, Arne blocks the obstacle with his skis and rushes to WIDI for help. Luckily, WIDI is fine and the freestyle practice can continue. FIS rule number nine says: In case of accidents: Block obstacle & help.

Remember, the greatest fun is shared with others. Be observant and considerate of others in the Familypark and the Funslope. Because if everyone follows the rules, the fun factor is guaranteed!

Here we would like to show you a Vimeo video.

WIDI and Arne had a lot of fun. They hope to have familiarised you with the FIS rules! Be safe and have fun!

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